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  • Two Chinese space launches in five days


    China has conducted two space launches within a time span of five days, placing four satellites into orbit. On Thursday 4 September, a Chang Zheng-2D (CZ-2D) rocket blasted off from Pad 603 of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre (JSLC) at… Read More ›

  • China conducted 3rd missile interception test

    The missile interception test at a night in January 2013 was witnessed by many people in western China

    Chinese state media briefly announced today that the country had successfully conducted another ground-based mid-course missile interception test on its territory on Wednesday (23rd July). No further detail about the test was given. This is the third exoatmospheric missile interception… Read More ›

  • PLAN deploys new spy plane

    PLA Navy Gaoxin 8

    Internet-sourced photo shows that a new type of electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft has entered service with the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The photo, thought to have been taken by a spotter, shows a new ELINT aircraft based on the… Read More ›

  • Third Chengdu J-20 prototype flies


    The third prototype of the Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter made its maiden flight successfully on Saturday 1st March. According to the witness report on Chinese social media, the J-20 prototype “2011” took the sky at about 12:00 local time, escorted… Read More ›

  • China’s spaceplane programme


    The Chinese aerospace industry is currently developing two reusable launch vehicle (RLV) systems. The first one is a crewed space shuttle launched vertically atop the Changzheng 5 (CZ-5) rocket. The second is a smaller unmanned suborbital spaceplane that can launch… Read More ›

  • PLA’s tactical air-to-surface missiles (Part 1)

    The KD-88 uses inertial navigation with datalink command and TV terminal guidance

    Since the beginning of the century, the PLA has introduced a range of tactical air-to-surface missiles (ASM) as standoff weapons for its air force and naval aviation troops. These missiles are a combination of both Russian and Chinese indigenous designs,… Read More ›


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