SinoDefence.com, also known as “China Defence Today”, was created in 2002 as a non-profit entity to provide open source information and independent analysis on China’s military technology and operations in the air, sea, land, electromagnetic, cyber, and space domains.

Along with its rapid growth in audience and traffic over the past 15 years, the website has developed a reputation as one of the most comprehensive and trusted online sources of information on defence matters relating to China. Its work has been frequently cited by news media and military researchers around the world.

Who are we?

SinoDefence.com is run by volunteers. The website is based in the United Kingdom.

The website has no link to any government, military authority or political organisation, nor does it have access to any classified information. It is independent, non-government and research-based.

The website’s operation is based on collaborative relationships with a network of experts in military research, news media, and defence industry in China and around the world.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, China’s rapid growth in economic power has enabled the country to steadily modernise its military. Over the past two decades, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has gradually transformed from a bulky, Army-centric force into a modern combined force capable of operating beyond its borders. In particular, the PLA has been investing heavily in its anti-access area denial (A2AD) and increasingly power projection capabilities.

China’s rise as a regional and potentially global military power will have profound impacts to the power balance in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. However, there has been a lack of credible information on China’s military capabilities, partially due to the lack of transparency in its governmental operations but also driven by the disinformation (either accidental or deliberate) from some of its media and online community.

SinoDefence.com aims to provide reliable background information and unique independent analysis on the development and current capabilities of the Chinese military, especially around its weapon systems and modernisation programmes.


The unique positioning of SinoDefence.com enables it to reach large diversified audience as well as a targeted group such as:

Military Researchers who specialise in particular topics such as East Asian security and Chinese military studies in need of in-depth analysis and studies on Chinese military development.

News Reporters who need quick and easy-to-access background information on Chinese military.

Defence Industry Experts who require accurate technical data and information on Chinese-made weapon systems.

General Public who simply wish to know more about China and its military capabilities will also find this website very helpful.


SinoDefence.com welcomes individuals, media, NGO research associations and institutes, government departments, defence manufacturers, and any other commercial companies to discuss the possibility of all types of co-operations including contributions, advertising, and sponsorship.

The vast audience groups of the website makes it ideal for promotion of products and events, and increasing a company’s public profile.

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