Type 052B Luyang Class

The Type 052B (NATO code name: Luyang class) is a multirole missile destroyer built by the Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard for the PLA Navy, with two hulls built. The destroyer has demonstrated the successful integration of Russian naval technologies and Ukrainian propulsion with Chinese indigenous systems, allowing these foreign-made contents (or their Chinese clones) to be incorporated on subsequent Chinese surface combatants.

Type: Multirole missile destroyer (DDG). Designer: CSIC China Ship Design & Research Centre (701 Institute). Builders: CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. IOC: 2004. Number: 2


In the early 1990s, the PLA Navy began to develop the concept of the Type 052B air defence missile destroyer as a successor to the Type 052 (Luhu class) destroyer. The new-generation destroyer was to be equipped with a shipborne version of the indigenous HQ-9 SAM and a phased array radar (PAR) system with a detection range of over 200 km. However, delay in the development of the HQ-9 and PAR system led to the decision to equip the Type 052B with the Russian-made air defence missile and search radar, while the indigenous systems were to be fitted on the later Type 052C.

Construction of the first-of-class, Guangzhou (168), began in early 2000 and the vessel was launched on 23 May 2002. Sea trials of the destroyer began in May 2003, and the vessel was officially commissioned into the PLA Navy service on 15 July 2004. The second hull Wuhan (169) was launched in January 2003 and commissioned in December 2004. Both vessels have been deployed by the PLA Navy South Sea Fleet.

The Type 052B is deemed comparable in general performance to the Russian Project 956 Sovremenny class, with similar weapon systems and sensors. Russian contributions to the Type 052B include the 9M317 Shtil (NATO reporting name: SA-N-12 ‘Grizzly’) medium-range SAM, MR90 (‘Front Dome’) SAM fire-control radar, Fregat-MAE-5 (‘Top Plate’) 3D air/surface search radar, and Mineral-ME (‘Band Stand’) AShM fire-control radar. Additionally, the vessel is powered by two Ukraine-made DA80/DN80 gas turbines.

Like the previous Type 051B (Luhai class), the Type 052B features a streamlined hull with sloped sides and superstructure to reduce its radar cross section (RCS) profile. The funnel has cooling devices to reduce the ship’s infrared feature. There is a stern hangar and flight deck to operate a shipborne helicopter up to the size of the Ka-28 ‘Helix’. The destroyers are designed primarily for anti-surface and anti-submarine roles, but they could also play a fleet air defence role using their medium-range air-defence missile and search radar.


Air Defence

The Type 052B is equipped with two Russian-made Shtil air defence missile launchers, located on the bow deck behind the main gun and on top of the helicopter hangar respectively. The launchers can fire the 9M317 (other sources suggested 9M38M2) / SA-N-12 ‘Grizzly’ semi-active radar-homing, medium-range air-defence missile, with 48 missiles carried onboard. The missile has a maximum engagement range of 38 km against aircraft and 20 km against anti-ship missile.

For short-range air defence, there are two indigenous Type 730 close-in weapon systems (CIWS) installed at the mid-ship position on either side of the bridge. Each CIWS consists of the H/PJ-12 7×30 mm gun, H/LJP-349 fire-control radar, Type 4 electro-optical director (EOD), all incorporated in a single turret complex. Target acquisition is provided by the H/LJQ-364 radar installed on top of the bridge. The seven-barrelled H/PJ-12 gun has a firing rate of 4,200 rounds/min, and is fed from a 640-round box inside the turret. It has a maximum firing range of 3,500 m against aircraft and 2,500 m against anti-ship missile.


The Type 052B is armed with sixteen YJ-83 subsonic sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM), with four quadruple launchers installed at the mid-ship position. The missile uses active radar-homing to deliver a 165 kg warhead to a range in excess of 180 km.

The main gun on the bow deck is an indigenous H/PJ-87 single-barrel 100 mm gun developed by 713 Institute, based on the French Creusot-Loire T100C. The gun can be used against surface targets as well as air targets such as aircraft and low speed missile, with a firing rate of 90 rounds/min and a maximum range of 17.5 km. The gun can be operated in fully automatic mode from the radar control system, from the shipborne optical sighting system, or laid manually.

Anti-Submarine Warfare

The Type 052B has two Type 7424 triple-barrel 324 mm torpedo launchers (B.515S copy) for the Yu-7 active/passive acoustic-homing anti-submarine torpedoes. The Yu-7 carries a 45 kg warhead and has a maximum range of 7.3 km and a maximum speed of 28 knots. The depth of search/attack is 6—400 m.

There are two Type 003A/FQF-3200 six-barrel 240-mm antisubmarine rocket launchers, firing the Type 81G rocket-propelled depth charge (34 kg warhead) to a maximum range of 1,200 m, with 36 rounds.


1x Russian MR331 Mineral-ME (‘Band Stand’) AShM fire-control, I-band

4x Russian MR90 (‘Front Dome’) SAM targeting, F-band

1x H/LJP-344 main gun fire-control, I/J-band

1x Russian Fregat-M2EM (‘Top Plate’) 3D air search, E-band

1x H/LJQ-364 CIWS target acquisition and air/sea search, G/H-band

2x H/LJP-349 CIWS fire-control, J-band (as part of the Type 730 CIWS)

2x Type 4 electro-optical director (EOD) CIWS fire-control (as part of the Type 730 CIWS)

2x Racal-Decca RM-1290 navigation, I-band

Russian MGK-335EM-03 hull-mounted medium-frequency for active/passive search and attack


H/RJZ-726 active/passive ECM suite consisting of interceptor and jammer

4x H/RJZ-726-4 18-barrelled 122 mm decoy flare/chaff launcher

Combat Data System

The ZJK-5 combat system onboard the Type 052B is thought to be an improved variant of that onboard Type 051B. The ZJK-5 is based on the MIL-1553B military data bus and the 100Mbps Ethernet technology. The multi-channel defence suite is capable of engaging several targets simultaneously. The vessel also has satellite communications (SATCOM) and Link 11 secure tactical data link.


The Type 052B has a flight deck and hangar to support the operations of a single antisubmarine warfare (ASW) helicopter, either a Kamov Ka-28 (‘Helix’) or a Harbin Z-9C. The Ka-28 is armed with torpedoes or deep charges and capable of operating in all-weather conditions up to 200 km from the host ship. The smaller Z-9C can be armed with a low-frequency dipping sonar system and Yu-7 anti-submarine torpedoes.


The destroyer’s propulsion is in the form of CODOG, consisting of two Ukraine Zorya-Mashproekt DA80/DN80 gas turbines each rated at 32,600 hp (24 MW) and two Shaanxi diesels (Chinese copy of the MTU 20 V956 TB92) rated at 8,840 hp (6.5 MW), giving a maximum speed of 29 knots.


Displacement (t):......5,850 (standard); 6,200 (full load)
Length (m):............154
Beam (m):..............16
Draft (m):.............6
Speed (knots)..........29
Range (nm):............8,300 at 15 knots

Ship List

Name        No.     Builder   Fleet   Launched     Commissioned
Guangzou    168     Jn        SSF     2002-05-23   2004-07-15
Haikou      169     Jn        SSF     2002-10      2004-12

Jn.....Jiangnan Shipyard
SSF....South Sea Fleet

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