Type 056 Jiangdao Class

Type: Light frigate (FFL)
Designer: CSIC China Ship Design & Research Centre (701 Institute)
Builders: CSSC Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., CSSC Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., CSIC Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., CSIC Dalian Liaonan Shipyard
IOC: 2013
Number: 43 launched, 34 commissioned (July 2017)

The Type 056 (NATO code name: Jiangdao class) is a class of light frigate designed for patrol, escort, and other general roles in coastal waters. Over 40 hulls in the class have been launched at four shipyards since 2012 for both domestic use and foreign customers. An improved Type 056A with enhanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities was introduced in 2015.


The PLA Navy began to develop a light frigate in 2010 to replace its ageing Type 053H (Jianghu class) frigates and Type 037 (Hainan class) corvettes introduced in the 1980s/90s. The Type 056 is much smaller than the Type 054/A (Jiangkai-I/II class) in displacement, and its weapon systems and sensors are less capable and sophisticated. However, it offers a low-cost solution for mass construction in order to replace the large number of older patrol ships and corvettes in service with the PLA Navy.

The Type 056 inherited the clean sloped hull design featured by all modern Chinese indigenous frigates, with a 76 mm main gun installed on the bow deck and two 2-cell YJ-83 anti-ship missile launched at mid-ship. Most radar sensors are mounted on the main mast behind the bridge. The frigate has a stern flight deck for a medium-sized helicopter to take-off and land, but does not have a hangar.



A single 8-cell HHQ-10 short-range SAM launcher is installed on top of the aft deckhouse. The missile launcher is similar to the U.S. Navy RIM-116 in arrangement. Derived from the TY-90 short-range AAM, the HHQ-10 (or FL-3000N in its export name) is fitted with a dual passive radar-/infrared-homing seeker and has a maximum range of 9 km. An improved variant is reportedly fitted with an independent active infrared seeker, with a maximum range of 10 km.

The Type 056 is armed with eight YJ-83 subsonic sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM), with two quadruple launchers installed at the mid-ship position. The missile uses active radar-homing to deliver a 165 kg warhead to a range in excess of 180 km.


The main gun on the bow deck is an indigenous H/PJ-26 single-barrel 76 mm/59-calibre gun copied from the Russian AK-176. The fully automatic gun can be used against both air and surface targets, with a firing rate of 60—120 rounds/min and a range of 11.5—15.5 km.

For short-range air defence, there are two H/PJ-17 single-30 mm gun installed at the mid-ship position on either side of the bridge. The gun is identical in design to the Type 730/1130 close-in weapon systems (CIWS) on larger warships, and can be operated in either automatic (against air targets) or manual (against surface target) mode, with a maximum engagement range of 3,500 m. The H/PJ-17 is fitted with an electro-optical director (EOD) but does not have its own fire-control radar.

Both the 76 mm main gun and two 30 mm AAA guns are directed by the H/LJP-349A radar.

Anti-Submarine Warfare

The Type 056 has two Type 7424 triple-barrel 324 mm torpedo launchers (B.515S copy) for the Yu-7 active/passive acoustic-homing anti-submarine torpedoes. The Yu-7 carries a 45 kg warhead and has a maximum range of 7.3 km and a maximum speed of 28 knots. The depth of search/attack is 6—400 m.


Air/surface search is provided by an H/LJQ-360 radar mounted on top of the main mask. The radar operates in the E/F-band, with a maximum range of 150 km to aircraft and 50 km to sea-skimming missile.

An H/LJP-349A radar is installed on top of the bridge prior to the main mast to provide fire-control for the 76 mm main gun and two 30 mm guns.

For navigation, the frigate has two Racal Decca RM-1290 navigation radars located on the foremast yardarms.

The basic variant Type 056 is equipped with a hull-mounted medium-frequency sonar for active/passive search and attack. The improved Type 056A is believed to be also equipped with a variable depth sonar (VDS) for active search and attack.


The frigate has a stern flight deck for a medium-sized helicopter such as the Harbin Z-9C, but does not have a hangar.


The propulsion is a combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) arrangement, with two Shaanxi Diesel / SEMT Pielstick 16 PA6V-280STC diesel, each rated at 6,330 hp (4.72 MW), giving a total power of 12,660 hp (9.44 MW) and a top speed of 25 knots.


Displacement (t):......1,300 (full load)
Length (m):............88.9
Beam (m):..............11.14
Draft (m):.............4.3
Speed (knots):.........25
Range (nm):............3,200 at 18 knots

Ship List

Name         No.    Builder   Fleet   Launched     Commissioned
Bengbu       582    HdZh      ESF     2012-05-23   2013-03-12
Datong       580    Ln        NSF     2012-08-10   2013-05-18
Shangrao     583    HdZh      ESF     2012-08-19   2013-06-10
Huizhou      596    Hp        HKG     2012-06-03   2013-07-01
Qinzhou      597    Hp        HKG     2012-08-30   2013-07-01
Meizhou      584    Wc        SSF     2012-07-31   2013-07-29
Yingkou      581    Ln        NSF     2012-11-18   2013-08-01
Bose         585    Wc        SSF     2012-10-25   2013-10-12
Ji'an        586    HdZh      ESF     2013-03-25   2014-01-08
Jieyang      587    Hp        SSF     2013-01-26   2014-01-26
Weihai       590    Ln        NSF     2013-08-01   2014-03-15
Luzhou       592    Wc        SSF     2013-07-16   2014-06-07
Qingyuan     589    Hp        SSF     2013-05-30   2014-06-11
Fushun       591    Ln        NSF     2013-08-01   2014-07-12
Quanzhou     588    HdZh      ESF     2013-06-25   2014-08-08
Sanmenxia    593    HdZh      ESF     2013-11-20   2014-11-13
Chaozhou     595    Wc        SSF     2013-11-14   2014-11-28
Zhuzhou      594    Hp        ESF     2013-11-30   2014-11-28
Suzhou       503    Wc        ESF     2014-05      2015-02-11
Xinyang      501    Ln        NSF     2014-05-01   2015-03-07
Huangshi     502    HdZh      ESF     2014-05-16   2015-05-06
Suqian       504    Hp        SSF     2014-06-29   2015-07-19
Qinhuangdao  505    HdZh      NSF     2014-10-11   2015-10-16
Jinmen       506    Hp        SSF     2014-12-27   2016-01
Tongren      507    HdZh      ESF     2015-03-19   2016-02-20
Qujing       508    Hp        SSF     2015-07-16   2016-06-08
Huai'an      509    HdZh      ESF     2015-08-15   2016-08-11
Heze         512    Ln        NSF     2015-07-07   2016-12-12
Baoding      511    Wc        ESF     2015-10-26   2016-12-12
Ningde       510    Hp        ESF     2015-10-16   2016-12-28
Ezhou        513    HdZh      ESF     2015-12-15   2017-01-18
Liupanshui   514    Hp        SSF     2016-03-31   2017-03-31
Yiwu         518    HdZh      ?       2016-05-20   -
Hanzhong     520    Hp        ?       2016-07-22   -
Xuancheng    535    Wc        ?       2016-08-26   -
Zhangye      540    Ln        NSF?    2016-09-14   -
Yichun       556    HdZh      ?       2016-09-07   -

HdZh...Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard
Hp.....Huangpu Shipyard
Ln.....Liaonan Shipyard
Wc.....Wuchang Shipyard

NSF....North Sea Fleet
ESF....East Sea Fleet
SSF....South Sea Fleet
HKG....Hong Kong Garrison

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