J-10 early concept

J-10 early concept

This photo showing the model of an early J-10 concept has been widely circulated on the Chinese Internet since the late 1990s

4 Comments on J-10 early concept

  1. Hi wanted to abt any updates regarding Pak j10b deal?is it still on n when is thr delivery expected?

  2. money only avialable for our currupt politation not for our army.evry talkshow we hearning from this currupt polition that our most bughet spend on army.give all the budget to this mother fucker polition for eating and fucking.our air force is weak.india have so strong air force that consist 272 su.30mki,60 merrage 2000,80 mig.29 and hunderds jeguars,mig.21,mig.23 etc.on the other side we have some old f.16,oldest merrages ages of 55 years.the only hope of j.10b will be finished.

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